Let’s Encrypt : The ultimate guide to generate free SSL certificates

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Lets encrypt

Let’s encrypt is a free, automated and open certificate authority. This is an organization able to deliver SSL certificates, who will be legitimate on the web, by all services and browsers. This service is free, so you don’t have to pay for generating certificates. It is actually the first and only organization to give free SSL certificates without any subscription. It’s also automated, so you can script the creation and renewing of your certificates, and never have to worry about it again. And of course, you don’t have to do anything manually.

Discover Let’s Encrypt, then learn how to install it, generate and renew your own certificates, and finally implement them in your webserver.

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SSL / TLS : Beginner’s guide to know everything about certificates

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SSL and TLS certificate

Few years ago, SSL was just a nice feature to have on your website and was just recommanded for e-commerce and payment pages. Today, it became a must to have in any website. It can be an assurance for your visitors, a tool to avoid to get hijacked, but also a bonus in Google ranking’s SEO. Indeed, since last year, Google implements a bonus to all websites with a SSL certificates, allowing you to have better rankings in their search engine’s results.

Discover what is SSL and how it works, then learn everything you need to know to using it, to finally generate and convert SSL certificates.

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LEMP : How to install and configure Nginx, PHP7 and MariaDB in 4 steps

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LAMP & LEMP installation serveur

You want to host yourself your website ? You want to have full control of your system and be able to optimize your pages and servers ? LEMP is the solution for you. This is the most popular stack for running your website with the best performances and modern features. LEMP is an acronym, created by the first letter of the tools it includes.

In order to have it working, we’ll see first how to install Nginx, then PHP7-FPM, how to create a MariaDB database, and finally configure a website.
This tutorial is made for a Debian operating system, but can be used for Ubuntu or Mint, adding sudo before each command line.

WordPress : How to easily install WordPress in 3 steps

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How to install Wordpress

Wordpress is by far the most famous and used CMS (content managing system). Today, it’s used by a almost a third of all mondial websites (29% of worldwide sites using it) and it is able to manage a blog, an e-commerce, an institutionnal and/or a one page website.

I will show you in this article how to install wordpress easily in 3 steps with Nginx or Apache and Mysql.

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