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News from March 2024

Why I'll choose Astro (almost) every time in 2024

This video delves into the rising popularity of Astro as a favored option in 2024, emphasizing its streamlined development process and user-friendly features. It outlines how Astro simplifies web development with its straightforward setup and functionality, making it a standout choice for developers.

I Stopped Using Express.js: Because Bun and Hono

Discover the shift from Express.js to Bun and Hono, showcasing the motivations and advantages of this transition. Delve into how Bun and Hono enhance backend development, offering improved efficiency and performance for a smoother workflow.

New JS Framework Just Dropped (Next.js Killer??)

Why install tanstack query, tanstack router, tanstack form, tanstack table, tanstack graph.. when you can directly install the tanstack framework? Just released and it is already the framework to follow in 2024.