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9 news for astro

May 2024

I Recreated Shadcn’s Docs In 30 Minutes With This Amazing Tool

Because creating documentation is always long and fastidious, Astro just released Starlight, a new tool to create amazing technical documentations quickly and easily. Be careful watching this video, you could end up wanting doing some docs for your next project..

May 2024

Astro Actions (First Look!)

New month, new astro feature get released.. This time astro introduce server actions. From your SSR or CSR page, you can now build a form and pass on submit an astro server action who will create a new endpoint in your server to validate and execute the function you'll define. A very important piece to manage forms is coming, but only in an experimental mode for now, so don’t use it in production yet.

March 2024

Why I'll choose Astro (almost) every time in 2024

This video delves into the rising popularity of Astro as a favored option in 2024, emphasizing its streamlined development process and user-friendly features. It outlines how Astro simplifies web development with its straightforward setup and functionality, making it a standout choice for developers.

February 2024

What is Astro ?

A bit of backend in this frontend world. Quite detailed discovery of the framework with the author's point of view. Because I like to spoil, Conclusion: Should you use Astro? => I think so.