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33 news for react

May 2024

The END of Remix?!? - Huge React Announcement

Remix is one of the major react meta framework and is based and focused on react-router. Because the last few years they worked so much in improving react-router (by themselves or in concert with the react team), most of their features got implemented directly and react-router. So much that it makes sense for them to just merge with react router so all the react community could profit from their work. Thanks to the remix team for all their implication, they definitely improved the way we are using react now.

April 2024

React vs HTMX - A Fascinating War

Seems like every month we have a HTMX comparison, it shows how much the framework brings in the JS ecosystem. As always with Theo, this video is a well of knowledge about how to place HTMX in the ecosystem and when to use it.

March 2024

New JS Framework Just Dropped (Next.js Killer??)

Why install tanstack query, tanstack router, tanstack form, tanstack table, tanstack graph.. when you can directly install the tanstack framework? Just released and it is already the framework to follow in 2024.

February 2024

React Strict DOM

Currently in development, Meta has announced React Strict DOM whose goal is to standardize browser APIs for use in both web and mobile. This would allow having the same codebase for all platforms

February 2024

HTMX vs React: A Complete Comparison

Which tool to choose between React and HTMX, and especially in which cases? History of front-end technologies, presentation of the 2 tools, comparison (with code please), and suggestion according to use cases.

February 2024

Conform 1

Conform is a new form management library with Progressive enhancement first APIs, Type-safe field inference, Fine-grained subscription, Built-in accessibility helpers, and Automatic type coercion with Zod. It is compatible with Next / Remix as it supports server Actions. According to early feedback, this library is still experimental but seems quite promising.