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14 news for next

May 2024

It’s not just you, Next.js is getting harder to use

Thanks for saying out loud what i was thinking quietly.. Here, Andrew comes back on the app router and the differences with the previous pages router, and highlight how next is becoming more complex as much as it grows.

April 2024

Boosting Performance with Next.js and React Server Components: A geekyants.com Case Study

I'll just use their introduction to summarize this article : After deployment, we greatly boosted Lighthouse and PageSpeed scores, enhanced SEO health reports, and created a smoother user experience. This article summarizes what we learned and the process we followed to upgrade the website.

February 2024

What we've learned from the transition to Next.js 14 with Server Components

Experience report of migrating an open-source e-commerce platform to Next.js 14 and its new features (app router, server component, apps router, static prerendering, search params, fetching, caching, mutations...). The learning curve was not negligible, but he seems happy with the result with better structured and cleaner code. However, there's quite a bit of magic under the hood.

February 2024

Conform 1

Conform is a new form management library with Progressive enhancement first APIs, Type-safe field inference, Fine-grained subscription, Built-in accessibility helpers, and Automatic type coercion with Zod. It is compatible with Next / Remix as it supports server Actions. According to early feedback, this library is still experimental but seems quite promising.