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News from April 2024

Boosting Performance with Next.js and React Server Components: A geekyants.com Case Study

I'll just use their introduction to summarize this article : After deployment, we greatly boosted Lighthouse and PageSpeed scores, enhanced SEO health reports, and created a smoother user experience. This article summarizes what we learned and the process we followed to upgrade the website.

Bun 1.1 finally supports Windows

1700 commits, thousands of bugs fixed, and tons of new features and API since the 1.0 version, but the major element of this release is the windows compatibility. But also, Bun 1.1 is up to 2x faster on large projects, now integrates a shell, has a new Glob api, and support vite syntax for process.env.

Should you still learn to code ?

Nowadays we hear more and more than AI will take developer jobs in a near future and some big names (hello Nvidia) even recommend people to stop learning coding. In this video, TJ gives insightful opinions of the matter and what really is a developer job.

React vs HTMX - A Fascinating War

Seems like every month we have a HTMX comparison, it shows how much the framework brings in the JS ecosystem. As always with Theo, this video is a well of knowledge about how to place HTMX in the ecosystem and when to use it.