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News from May 2024

Angular 18 is EXACTLY what we needed

Angular 18 just got released and it was eagerly awaited. The angular team announced few months ago that this version should be a renew of the framework and we can indeed see that lots of new features were added, like signals. Good for us, there is no breaking change, so adoption could go smoothly.

Astro Actions (First Look!)

New month, new astro feature get released.. This time astro introduce server actions. From your SSR or CSR page, you can now build a form and pass on submit an astro server action who will create a new endpoint in your server to validate and execute the function you'll define. A very important piece to manage forms is coming, but only in an experimental mode for now, so don’t use it in production yet.

DiagramGPT - Honest Review of Eraser AI

What is worth Diagram GPT, the new AI tool from Eraser aimed to help development teams to make documentations and diagrams ? At first view, it seems very promising, but how to use it the most efficiently ? Sam explains all that in that great video.

Version 2.0 for Headless ui

Headless ui is an unstyled component library totally. It provides the logic and interactions, but let the developers style by themselves the components. It is a great tool to mix with tailwind to easily build design systems. Only compatible with React for now, but it should also supports vue soon.

Host ALL your AI locally

You always wanted to host your AI on your own computer ? Well, now you can. In this practical tutorial, you'll learn how to install llama, mistral, stable diffusion, and a web ui to manage all your models. You can even train them. Finally you'll have your own free private cloud based AI (well, free if you already own a good graphical card of course).

The different types of JavaScript functions explained

In javascript, there are several ways to declare our functions. Learn here the differences and impacts between all of them before making your choice. At the end, it is mostly a matter of personal preferences.

Life After SQL (EdgeDB Is Fascinating)

Since the creation of SQL, we had many databases trying to reduce the relationship between our datas, but we never had any database trying to do the opposite and increase the relationships. Thats now the case with EdgeDB, and i must say, it seems pretty seducing.

It’s not just you, Next.js is getting harder to use

Thanks for saying out loud what i was thinking quietly.. Here, Andrew comes back on the app router and the differences with the previous pages router, and highlight how next is becoming more complex as much as it grows.

The END of Remix?!? - Huge React Announcement

Remix is one of the major react meta framework and is based and focused on react-router. Because the last few years they worked so much in improving react-router (by themselves or in concert with the react team), most of their features got implemented directly and react-router. So much that it makes sense for them to just merge with react router so all the react community could profit from their work. Thanks to the remix team for all their implication, they definitely improved the way we are using react now.

I Recreated Shadcn’s Docs In 30 Minutes With This Amazing Tool

Because creating documentation is always long and fastidious, Astro just released Starlight, a new tool to create amazing technical documentations quickly and easily. Be careful watching this video, you could end up wanting doing some docs for your next project..

The Problem With UUIDs

We talked about performances issues with uuid and cuid last month. This time we will dig deeper into the mess of uuid, and because sometimes integer ids are not recommended, here is an introduction to nanoid instead. Id like to have a benchmark on it too, but seems for now that its way more efficient.