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18 news for new version

May 2024

SolidStart 1.0: The Shape of Frameworks to Come

Solid start, the a meta framework based on Solid, just reach the stable version. It just ships 5Kb of javascript by default, and allow users to create both CSG, SSR and CSR according to their needs. It is also isomorphic, so the same code can run wether on client or server.

May 2024

Angular 18 is EXACTLY what we needed

Angular 18 just got released and it was eagerly awaited. The angular team announced few months ago that this version should be a renew of the framework and we can indeed see that lots of new features were added, like signals. Good for us, there is no breaking change, so adoption could go smoothly.

April 2024

Node 22 is finally here

The new version is finally released, and this one will become a LTS version. New compatibility with ESM, so now we'll be able to import and export our modules and start a migration from CJS to ESM. (Finally we can stop compiling in both ESM and CJS in our monorepos). Also a new version of the V8 engine and improvements for the websocket client.

April 2024

Bun 1.1 finally supports Windows

1700 commits, thousands of bugs fixed, and tons of new features and API since the 1.0 version, but the major element of this release is the windows compatibility. But also, Bun 1.1 is up to 2x faster on large projects, now integrates a shell, has a new Glob api, and support vite syntax for process.env.

February 2024

Hono 4

Hono is a lightweight and fast backend framework that works on any JS platform (Cloudflare Workers, Fastly Compute, Deno, Bun, Vercel, AWS Lambda, Lambda@Edge, and Node.js). Its version 4 brings support for JSX to create components, static site generation, and file-based routing

February 2024

Conform 1

Conform is a new form management library with Progressive enhancement first APIs, Type-safe field inference, Fine-grained subscription, Built-in accessibility helpers, and Automatic type coercion with Zod. It is compatible with Next / Remix as it supports server Actions. According to early feedback, this library is still experimental but seems quite promising.